Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Every person has the right to a fulfilled and self-determined sex life. Sex therapy helps you – as an individual or as a couple – to achieve your set goal.

 What is sex therapy?

It is mainly counselling with or without a partner. However, medication can also be used. For example psychotropic drugs, potency-increasing drugs, pain relievers, etc.  


Will I be physically examined?
Physical examinations do not take place in my practice, but if necessary these can be done either by myself or by colleagues. (Laboratory tests, gynecological or urological examinations) The main focus is on interpersonal communication and joint development of solutions. However, I will ask intimate questions about current and past sex life, fantasies, masturbation, substance use, legal conflicts, etc. I am subject to medical confidentiality. This means that everything is treated confidentially and nothing is passed on to third parties. Not even to authorities or police etc.  

Do I need sex therapy?
As long as you are satisfied with your sexuality and it does not restrict or endanger anyone’s rights, then: No.However, if you are dissatisfied, or if your sex behaviour is a burden for you or for others, then: Yes.

Does the health insurance company cover the costs?
Unfortunately, every form of sex therapy is a purely private service that the patient has to pay for himself / herself. To date, the health insurance companies generally do not cover the costs of sex therapy, whilst private health insurance companies do in some cases. I recommend clarifying this in advance.
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