Sex therapy and sexual medicine cover a variety of topics. Here a few we can talk about:

Chronic pain:
Vaginismus (vaginal spasm)
Vulvodynia (vulval pain)
Dyspareunie (pain during intercourse)
Chronic itching / burning
Chronic urinary tract infections
Pain with no physical cause
Discomfort in perimenopause / post menopause
Sexual dysfunction:
Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction
Low libido
Orgasmic dysfunction (premature, delayed or no orgasm)
Sexual orientation:
Clarity regarding sexual orientation
Support during coming-out
Gender identity:
Gender dysphoria (feeling of being in the wrong body)
Support during tranisition
Preference disorders / paraphilias:
Fetishes and their integration
(Self-)harmful behaviour
Endangerment of job life, relationships, etc.
Adaption to physical changes and sex related issues:
Chronic diseases
Mental illness
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